Using Snap It! Track It! is easy! Create your track, name it and set a weekly, biweekly or monthly reminder to snap another photo. Use the reminder if you're tracking your weight loss, for example. If you're not tracking anything, just click "next." 

Add a photo

Add a photo by either taking a picture or importing one from the camera roll.

Change the number of photos on screen

Note: You can change how many photos appear on the screen by selecting one of the icons under the "back" tab.


If you don't like a photo you've included in your album, hit the "edit" button at the top right hand corner of the screen and click the "X" on the photo you wish to delete.

Share the photo or write notes!

Once you've added a photo, click on it to enlarge it. The photo is automatically dated.

You can share the photo on Twitter or Facebook. 

Click the "information" button & the photo flips allowing you to add notes.

Clicking "done" flips the photo again.

The arrow in the top left hand corner of the photo returns you the album.

Almost finished...

When you've finished adding a snapshot to your latest track click the "back" button. You'll automatically land on the "REVIEW/CHANGE A TRACK" page.

If your track is something you'd like to keep private, leave the Snap It! Track It! icon as the album cover. If you'd like to change the album cover, click the "information" button on the album icon. You'll have the option to edit the album's name, change the title photo, set a reminder and set a password for added privacy.

To change the album cover, select the photo you like and click the "save" button.


but just ONE MORE THING...

The "HELPFUL HINTS" button has some ideas for you to take consistently good photos when you're tracking a transformation.

In the top right corner of the screen click the "set reminders" button.

This allows you to turn on and off reminders and security codes.

That's it! start snapping, tracking & sharing the app with family & friends!